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Stakeholder mapping

Saper Vedere uses its big data expertise to refine information and to monitor stakeholders, identifying key opinion leaders and strategic audience.

Data transformers

Saper Vedere aims to see beyond the noise with innovative, high quality data analysis – tailored to clients’ expectations – instead of the traditional quantitative approach

Crisis solvers

With a highly responsive team, a strategic mindset and unique communication skills, Saper Vedere provides you with leading, real-time crisis management services

Showing organisations how they, their products and issues are perceived in social media. Unlocking the secrets of their ecosystem, their audience and surrounding communities. Identifying key opinion leaders and tactics to approach them.



Keep track of your issue within specific communities, or even a highly focused group of individuals. Surveil the opinions and actions of both your supporters, and opponents.

Anywhere, from public affairs to marketing, we design and run comprehensive campaigns, incl. social media, traditional media and institutional activation


Our success stories

ecosystems mapped
campaigns run
crises monitored
clients helped
studies realized
awards received


  • L214 Ethique & Animaux : Les ingrédients d’une communication explosive

    L’association L214 Ethique et animaux fête son dixième anniversaire en 2018 et monte significativement en puissance sur la scène médiatique depuis 2 ans. Son combat qui interroge nos modes de production et de consommation mais également les stratégies de communication des organisations militantes, trouve un écho médiatique et sociétal de plus en plus important. L’objet […]
  • Mouvement anti-vaccins en France : quelle mobilisation digitale ?

    Alors que le gouvernement français vient de rendre onze vaccins obligatoires, des voix s’élèvent pour faire part de leur indignation et de leur colère. Une communauté anti-vaccins s’est créée sur les réseaux sociaux et cette dernière gagne en visibilité. Qui compose cette communauté ? Qui sont les porte-étendards de cette cause ? Quels sont leurs […]
  • A Russian influence on the French elections?

    Since Donald Trump’s election, numerous accounts and theories of Russian influence in Western elections have surfaced, often citing the role of Russian media outlets such as Sputnik or Russia Today. What are the hard facts? Who is actually responsible for spreading Russian disinformation?
  • #SOTEU 2016: Who actually listened to and talked about President Juncker’s speech?

    As a world’s first, Saper Vedere analysed how the annual State of the Union speech of EC President Jean-Claude Juncker spread among Europeans. Who did it reach and how?
  • Paris Air Show 2017 : Airbus wins the digital battle

    The world-famous annual expo of the aviation sector, the Paris Air Show, also serves a commercial battleground for the aviation industry. But how is it carried out on Twitter? Who are the parties that use - or abuse - that opportunity? Which aviation giant deserves a prize for best digital comms?
  • Did Trump really win the first debate? No, he just made you think he did.

    In the wake of 2016’s first U.S. presidential debate, amid a flurry of poll results pointing to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as a victor of the debate, Republican candidate Donald J. Trump claimed that he won. ‘How?’ You ask? With an effective social media strategy.

Who are we?

Saper Vedere (Latin “Knowing how to see” – Da Vinci) is not your typical Brussels consultancy. We’s also not a typical data analysis company. We’re so much more!

A few of our clients...

  • Saper Vedere helped Fire Safe Europe craft a campaign so successful it achieved and even exceeded its objectives, winning 2 European Public Affairs Awards: Best NGO Campaign of the Year and Best European Parliament Lobbying of the Year! What makes Saper Verdere different from other agencies is their hand-to-hand approach, which means that we merged and worked as one team aiming at one goal. Invaluable!

    Juliette Albiac
    Managing Director, Fire Safe Europe
  • The ability to count on the availability and efficiency of the Saper Vedere team is a privilege and true every-day comfort!

    Jeremy Schlosser
    Account Director, Anatome
  • Saper Vedere’s processes are unique, compared to other agencies, as they always think out of the box. Thanks to the expertise of their team we were able to see beyond what we thought we knew about our Twitter presence, uncovering hidden communities and unlocking new opportunities. Saper Vedere also delivered a comprehensive action plan to drastically improve our online audience and advised us on everyday social media management.

    Pascal Lelievre
    Deputy DIrector of Communications, Mutualité Française

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