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Monitoring & Crisis

Emergency situation, terrorist attack, bad buzz or a reputation crisis? The Saper Vedere consulting team has multiple years of experience and unique expertise in crisis management and sensitive communications. Are you worried your reputation is facing a potential downfall, or maybe the crisis can still be averted? How and when can you determine it? The Saper Vedere team helps you understand the concept of a crisis, its types and spreading methods. We then strategically and operationally support your organisation to solve any issues.

Our crisis offer


Risks audit

Noiseless configuration based on the story

Automatic alerts




Counterattack room

Media coverage evolution





Actors and opinions cartography

Statements analysis


Key indicators


Authors panels

Narratives focus

Micro or local aspects

Other spheres


Relationship cartography

Articles and media qualification

Evolutive opinion and stakeholders cartography


Available 1h after the beginning of the crisis

Crisis offer

1. Signal

Risk Audit

Which sensitive thematics are likely to emerge? Where is the danger?

A Story

Monitoring of a noiseless and quick  configuration based on a story to cover all the topic.


A new article, an unusual volume, sensitive semantic fields or actors are showing off? We send you an alert.

Crisis offer

2. Trigger

Counterattack Room

To centralise the information to act efficienty.

Media coverage evolution

Statistics from the different social media, specific posts or videos. Update about the evolution of sensitive signals. What media mention you?

Crisis offer

3. Crisis

Actor cartography

Who has spoken? What are their relationships on social networks?


The most interesting posts

Statement Analysis

The overall of an actor’s statements.

What are the union trades saying? Prepare your reactions.

Key indicators

Opinion Mining

What opinions are spread concerning the crisis?

Crisis offer

4. Re-configuration

Author panels

Creation and analysis of active authors groups during the crisis.

  • Focus on narratives : After a global analysis period, we elaborate focuses on thematics or specific narratives..
  • Micro or local aspects : We also cal analyse local elements (local situation, specific issues)
  • Other spheres : We try locate the flaws into if the measures to redirect them
Crisis offer

5. Evaluation

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