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Integrated campaigns

Integrated campaigns

Anywhere, from public affairs to marketing, we design and run comprehensive campaigns, incl. social media, traditional media and institutional activation.

Combining our cutting-edge methodologies and tools, we provide tailored campaign support & management for our clients. In public affairs, we integrate offline and online efforts, governed by a success-based approach, placing our clients and their needs at the center of our processes. This client-centric mindset has already been recognized twice with the European Public Affairs Awards (link to awards).

PART 1 - Understand

Twitter audit: Identifying the audience we can use as a starting point. Is this audience relevant and detailed enough to be used for your campaign objectives?

Ecosystem analysis: what does the ecosystem look like? Who are the key stakeholders to reach for your campaign?
Conversations focus: how is the ecosystem talking about your issue? How should you adapt your talking points to different stakeholders?

Our crisis team includes:

  • Nicolas Vanderbiest, an academic researcher specialising in reputation crisis, who has studied and analysed more than 500 online reputation crises and their impact on organisations;
  • Marina Tymen, former Air France spokesperson for 12 years, responsible for managing the company's social media during the Air France Rio-Paris crash and 9/11. She also launched and developed the French section of VOST [link], the emergency services online volunteer support community.

PART 2 - Strategy

Your issue and your KPIs are the front door to our thinking. We design a strategy using all the possible leverage of:

  • Your Corporate/Public Affairs communications tools (stakeholders mapping, Lowi Wilson matrix, Issue lifecycle, issue platforms, events tracker, tagging);
  • Your Marketing tools (brand platform, campaign, BtoB and BtoC events

PART 3 - Activation

We then use campaign tools (Community Management, War Room, Press activation, Op-eds, Public Relations, blogging, etc.), in line with our strategy, to implement the campaign.

PART 4 - Monitoring

Focusing on the ecosystem and its conversations, we closely monitor the campaign, the stakeholder activation, the outreach of an event, the global issue or, if needed, only the role of key opinion leaders. Taking into account the results, we can also re-target and tweak the campaign to better reach your objectives.

PART 5 - Evaluation

At the end of the campaign, we evaluate the whole process and methodology:

  • Support evaluation. If a Twitter audit has been done before the campaign, we update it to measure the growth of your audience. We then match this new audience with the stakeholders identified as targets for the campaign.
  • Audience. On your issue/campaign, we identify content producers (stakeholders talking about an issue) but also content receivers (who is the audience reached?) allowing to determine in which communities your message has been spread.
  • Our KPIs are your KPIs. Instead of talking about engagement/reach, shares or retweets, we focus on the true KPIs, the ones you expect from the campaign. That’s why we put them in our offer.

PART 6 - Awards

Your issue and your KPIs are the front door to our thinking. We design a strategy using all the possible leverage of:

  • Best NGO Campaign of the Year
  • Best European Parliament Lobbying of the Year

Through our methodology and combined work, this campaign reached its primary objectives and beyond:

  • Put fire safety in the European public agenda
  • Pressure through MEPs for European Commission to launch a fire safety exchange platform
  • Maximize the number of MEPs talking about this issue in plenary (some 30 MEPs took the floor to ask the European Commission to implement a EU fire safety strategy)
  • Rally support from European emergency services associations and individuals
  • Grow the recognition of FireSafe Europe and position it as the main European player in its field