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Ecosystem and Study

Thanks to our triangulation method and dedicated study we are able to design you a dedicated strategy

Our core methodology

Triangulation method

Ecosystem identification

Nowadays, nearly every influential stakeholder has an active Twitter account, whether they’re a journalist, politician, activist, NGO or corporate. Traditional stakeholder mapping has to therefore be upgrated by adding an essential component – a digital influence layer.

Whether your strategy requires you to be a social listener or a social influencer, it is crucial for any organisation to understand the digital ecosystem which it needs to fit into. 

  • What are the communities shaping your audience?
  • What are the types of actors?
  • Who are the main opinion-leaders?
  • Conversations analysis (+ opinion mining, + stakeholders mapping)
  • Analysis of the competitors’ editorial line
  • Strategy (customized)

Start list identification

How do we set up this start list ?

You choose the ecosystem, the sector to be studied. If you know the main actors, they will be our starting point.

If you don’t know them, we start from conversations to identify the key actors.

Once the list completed, we extract their followers, we observe how they follow each other and we do the cartography.

Link between the list's followers

Communities analysis

Types of actors

  • Leaders
  • Associations
  • Institutions
  • Entrepreneurs

Most influential actors

Observations and lessons

Thematic 1

Thematic 4

Thematic 2

Thematic 5

Thematic 3

Thematic 6


Who shapes the online debate on your issues?


What are the key communities involved in your sector?


Who are the third-parties that could embody your messages?

Online and offline strategies

Our digital stakeholder mapping can of course be completed with an “offline” one. Our added value lies in providing our clients with insights on the influence processes occurring inside a specific ecosystem. We then develop and implement comprehensive online (social media) and offline (traditional media) strategies, taking into account this environment as well as our clients’ objectives and DNA.



1. Issue

After-sales service evaluation, target identification, sector analysis, etc.

2. Methodo

Definition of a customized and 360 degree-view methodology and corpus (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin et Instagram). Our methodology is relational and scientific-based and aims at suppressing the noise.

3. Analysis

The human and the machine combine for the analysis phase.  It is visual and based on facts.

4. Lessons

Different types of lessons can be generated. Lessons from ecosystems and relationships, opinions, stakeholders and benchmark of the competitors.

5. Strategy

Strategies can be either public affairs related, marketing related or content related.

6. Operational follow-up

All of this process is followed by a support for activation, monitoring and evaluation.