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Who are we?

Saper Vedere (Latin “Knowing how to see” – Leonardo Da Vinci) is not your typical Brussels consultancy. We’re also not a typical data analysis company. We’re so much more!

With an award-winning team of experts from public affairs, politics, media & academia we offer a unique, tailored approach to your needs – whether you’re an NGO, private company or institution.

First and foremost, we design and run highly innovative, comprehensive public affairs campaigns. We’ll help your organisation achieve its most ambitious goals in no time! We offer a combination of the world’s most advanced social media analysis tools and years of expertise in the EU bubble, media & public affairs. Our campaigns were awarded two European Public Affairs Awards in 2017: for Best EP Lobbying and Best NGO Campaign of the Year.

Secondly, we provide unique insights on who your online audience is, we show how you, your products & issues are perceived on social media, and if needed – change that perception. We first monitor and audit your online presence, and then influence your audience, spreading the right message to the right people – be it inviting the right people for your event, getting support for your product/position or relaying your work.

Thirdly, we’re experts in Social Licence & crisis consulting. We help your organisation understand its social status, advise on risk avoidance and crisis resolution. We’ll make sure you avoid a costly PR nightmare and get you out of any mess you’re already in!

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Stakeholder mapping

Saper Vedere uses its big data expertise to refine information and to monitor stakeholders, identifying key opinion leaders and strategic audience.

Data transformers

Saper Vedere aims to see beyond the noise with innovative, high quality data analysis – tailored to clients’ expectations – instead of the traditional quantitative approach.

Crisis solvers

With a highly responsive team, a strategic mindset and unique communication skills, Saper Vedere provides you with leading, real-time crisis management services.

Our team

Nicolas Vanderbiest

Director of Operations

Etienne Bigot

Commercial Director France

Manon El’Assaïdi

Account Director

Marina Tymen

Special Adviser

Mégane Fastrez

Social Media Analyst

Amaury Elvira-Suarez

Social Media Analyst

Delphine Antunes

Social Media Analyst

Guillaume Cornu

Social Media Analyst
  • Saper Vedere helped Fire Safe Europe craft a campaign so successful it achieved and even exceeded its objectives, winning 2 European Public Affairs Awards: Best NGO Campaign of the Year and Best European Parliament Lobbying of the Year! What makes Saper Verdere different from other agencies is their hand-to-hand approach, which means that we merged and worked as one team aiming at one goal. Invaluable!

    Juliette Albiac
    Managing Director, Fire Safe Europe
  • The ability to count on the availability and efficiency of the Saper Vedere team is a privilege and true every-day comfort!

    Jeremy Schlosser
    Account Director, Anatome
  • Saper Vedere’s processes are unique, compared to other agencies, as they always think out of the box. Thanks to the expertise of their team we were able to see beyond what we thought we knew about our Twitter presence, uncovering hidden communities and unlocking new opportunities. Saper Vedere also delivered a comprehensive action plan to drastically improve our online audience and advised us on everyday social media management.

    Pascal Lelievre
    Deputy DIrector of Communications, Mutualité Française