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Our agency

We see. You know.

Who are we?

Saper Vedere (Latin “Knowing how to see” – Leonardo Da Vinci)is an agency gathering a team of experts from public affairs, politics, media & academia we offer a unique, tailored approach to your needs – whether you’re an NGO, private company or institution.

We offer a combination of advanced social media analysis tools. Our campaigns were awarded two European Public Affairs Awards in 2017: for Best EP Lobbying and Best NGO Campaign of the Year.

Our philosophy

Social networks have been around for over 10 years now and are increasingly used in all aspects of our lives, from leisure to work and from private to public. With them, billions of data have been produced and stored. Social networks give access to these data via pipes that we call API (Application Programming Interface).

Nowadays, these data have set in motion two main challenges: listening and be listened.

Initially, those who looked at the issue of providing relevant social media listening were essentially engineers. They extracted the different data available to identify how to visualize it in the most effective way possible.

Once their software was designed, they would sell it to economic actors as button-press software, which would be able to automatically evaluate the reputation of an organization’s website or any given society issue. Such software went so far as to produce automatic deliverables. However, it is clear that this automated vision is a utopia that creates no informational added value for the organisation.

On the contrary, human analysis has constantly shown its importance in evaluating content, distinguishing communities and feeling data. We also believe that it is the communicators who must adapt data processing to their practices and models and not the other way around. However, this is currently too often the case. The strongest observation of this is that social media managers are structured around KPI completely uncorrelated from reality and far from reflecting any performance, such as Likes, retweets or impressions.

However, humans have their limits. They find themselves trapped in a public space where many voices circulate in a large way, i.e. per month 5 M tweets on Brexit, 500 000 tweets on Coca Cola or 8 M on football. With such figures, one can understand why it has become impossible to see and hear everything. In this context, getting information and monitoring issues/topics has become a constant challenge.

We therefore believe that the automated approach must be coupled with human analysis, but also that business intelligence methods must be updated to meet volume challenges. In order to achieve this, we have produced tools to develop a microscopic approach to Big Data.

All this with one goal in mind: make human data accessible understandable and interpretable to decision makers.

In short; we see, you know.

Emerging from the noise

Noise is not only a limitation for gathering information: it is also a barrier to the emergence of communication. Social networks are media accessible to all and where everyone is a producer of information: institutions, individuals, small businesses, medias, big businesses, NGOs, political parties, etc.

It has therefore become difficult to emerge and be noticed. This difficulty nests itself in different aspects.

  • First, organisations have an extremely hard time qualifying the audience they reach organically through the different media they own.
  • Secondly, in communication, you are never served as well as by others. However, the third-party endorsement market has exploded with many influencers available, but their influence has been hard to describe, as the techniques deployed by them to deceive advertisers are numerous.
  • Eventually, also because organisations have difficulties in identifying territories, which belong to them, e.g. those that make sense to their stakeholders and that would also allow them to be levers for growth.

Our strenghts


1. A human-size company that allows an internal flexibility to serve our customers.

2. A versatile and complementary team able to work over all our files.

3. A motto: “No Bullshit”, we tell the truth to our customers, based on our insights.


4. A greater knowledge of digital monitoring tools and softwares to maximize your social listening skills. 

5. A human support based on a proprietary methodology.



6. A unique and innovative studies methodology that allows to perceive influent opinion-makers.

7. Consultants dedicated to our customers.

8. Regular appointments with our customers.

Our team

Nicolas Vanderbiest

Director of Operations

Etienne Bigot

Commercial Director France

Mathilde Bordron

Head of Influence

Amaury Elvira-Suarez

Head of Crisis & Intelligence Unit

Marie-Alexia Teisseyre

Head of R&D Unit

Coline Peetermans

Front-end developer

Megan Marchale

Social Media Analyst

Romain Faure

Social Media Analyst

Matis Karamenderes

Full Stack Developer

Thibaut Penning

Graphic Designer

Yann Laru

Front-End Developer

Anna Gonçalves-Déal

Social Media Analyst

Hawa Cissé