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Gregory L. Rohde

Director of U.S. Market

Greg heads up Saper Vedere’s U.S. operations. His career in Washington, D.C. began by serving 11 years on Capitol Hill, including the House and Senate. In 1999, he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as the principal advisor to the President of the United States for telecommunications and information policy and head of a major federal agency that manages the U.S. federal electromagnetic spectrum (NTIA).

Since leaving government, Greg has been chief executive of a consulting firm he founded, e-Copernicus, which has assisted many telecom, wireless, and broadband startups. He also served for 9 years as the Executive Director of the NG911 Institute, non-profit policy organization, which advanced emergency communications issues in the U.S. and supports the Congressional NexGen911 Caucus. He continues to serve on several boards and executive roles for technology companies.