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Social media audit and ecosystem

Social media audit and ecosystem

Showing organisations how they, their products and issues are perceived in social media. Unlocking the secrets of their ecosystem, their audience and surrounding communities. Identifying key opinion leaders and tactics to approach them.

PART 1 - Audit

Visualise and map your audience.

At Saper Vedere, we’ve always been amazed at how many organizations don’t have insights on who they’re talking to on Twitter and Facebook, not knowing if their message has even been received by their audience. Are you pushing your press releases to journalists or to your competitors? Is your Twitter account influencing Key Opinion Leaders or just your own employees?

To provide these insights, we created a unique methodology to map the relationships a Twitter account has with its audience and understand how this audience is activated through the pushed content. We then check if the audiences gathered by those followers fit the Client’s account editorial guidelines and with that we provide a constructive evaluation of your outreach policies.

With our Twitter account Audit, you’re able to:

  • Evaluate if your audience matches your objectives
  • See the relationships inside your audience
  • Visualise how your followers are organised in communities
  • Understand how to better activate your audience

Through Facebook, we’re also able to understand the market characteristics of an audience (Facebook page fans) by comparing them to a broader audience. This interest analysis gives strong insights on how you could better target your audience with tailored content.



  • The list of Twitter accounts following the audited Twitter account, the communities these accounts belong to as well as an individual score of influence and interest.
  • Inside the audience, an identification of the communities involved and their influential leaders.
  • Analysis of how opinion leaders interact and influence each other inside the targeted audience.
  • Evaluation of the gathered audience compared to its outreach objectives


  • Analysis on the interests of the targeted audience compared to a broader population
  • Demographic statistics of your audience

PART 2 - Ecosystem

Understand your ecosystem.

Nowadays, nearly every influential stakeholder has an active Twitter account, whether they’re a journalist, politician, activist, NGO or corporate. Traditional stakeholder mapping has to therefore be upgraded by adding an essential component – a digital influence layer.

Whether your strategy requires you to be a social listener or a social influencer, it is crucial for any organisation to understand the digital ecosystem which it needs to fit into. Before putting a strategy in place and investing in content, you need to answer very simple questions: Who shapes the online debate on your issues? What are the key communities involved in your sector? Who are the third-parties that could embody your messages?

Ecosystem analysis is used for:

  • Target/lead identification: after having audited your Twitter account (link to account audit), ecosystem analysis will reveal the key accounts you're missing within your audience. By implementing content and outreach strategies towards these leads, you can qualitatively and quantitatively grow your Twitter audience in relevant sectors.
  • New markets identification: "fintech", "greentech", "biotech", "insurtech" - all these new fields and their influencers are rather vague and opaque. Through our methodology, you will be able to have a full understanding of a new market you want to enter or influence.
  • Identify hostile communities or supporters networks: ecosystems of hostile or supportive stakeholders can also be mapped to understand how they influence each other on sensitive issues. This analysis leads you to understand how sensitive narratives can emerge and spread.

Our digital stakeholder mapping can of course be completed with an “offline” one. Our added value lies in providing our clients with insights on the influence processes occurring inside a specific ecosystem. We then develop and implement comprehensive online (social media) and offline (traditional media) strategies, taking into account this environment as well as our clients’ objectives and DNA.


  • The list of twitter accounts of all key opinion leaders in a sector, theme, issue or other set of opinion leaders, along with their respective communities, reputation and interest scores.
  • Identification of communities and their opinion leaders.
  • A full analysis of how opinion leaders interact and influence each other,
  • An analysis of these stakeholders' conversations on your issue
  • Constructive evaluation and recommendations on the communities to be reached by content activation